International meeting-place Monte Cassino

meeting placeEver since the end of World War II, Monte Cassino is an international meeting-place for survivors who survived this disastrous battle and for relatives of the soldiers who have died in war. Above all, this place conduces to a memorial for the cruel scares of a war. Daily, hundreds of visitors come to Monte Cassino. Here, the few survivors, war veterans, relatives of the ones who died and interested people from all over the world meet each other. ib02 150In the meantime enemies of the earlier days have become friends and like-minded people. To the commemorations, many thousand people of all involved nations meet each other to commemorate quietly the terrifying battle.

Consequently, no other European place of action of World War II is more adequate as an international meeting-place. Centrally located between significant historical places like Pompeii and Rome, the grown tourist structure in the appealing landscape of Monte Cassino offers an ideal starting point for excursions into the European history.