Foundation Monte Cassino

Grabstein R. Hartinger“As a memorial for the dead soldiers and for the insanity of a war, this battlefield must never fall into oblivion, ” Joseph Klein (1921-2014) explains, who was lieutenant of the German armed forces in the war and one of the few survivors of the battle for Monte Cassino. There - at the foot of the Abbey, whose historic treasures could be saved thanks to a German officer - the man from Wolfsburg met also the entrepreneur Richard Hartinger. The today 85 years old enlarged the small fruit juice business in Rinteln, founded by his father in 1934, to one of the biggest beverage companies of Europe. Gründung“My father created the basis for today more than 2.000 employees of the family owned business, on which top today my eldest son and I stand together. But my father had no chance to experience the rise of the business, which he once established. He became a victim of the battle of Monte Cassino.” The owner of the RiHa beverage group here often visits the grave of his father and already supports the care of the graveyard through donations, like Joseph Klein did in the past as well. With the Monte Cassino Foundation, they have now established together, they want to reach that the German soldier graveyard at Monte Cassino durably preserves for all generations, the ones who even experienced the World War II, as well as a memorial against the war, and they want to reach that the occurrence at that time also doesn´t get in oblivion with the following generations.

R. Hartinger am Grab seines VatersInformation about this issue should be made accessible especially for schools and visits of the Cassino of school classes from the nations involved in the fights should be supported. “Moreover centrally positioned between world-culture-heritage counted places like Pompeii and Rome, Cassino itself offers a destination for excursions, not only for school classes”, the agile entrepreneur explains. For this it is necessary to have museum and graveyard employees of foreign language. Every day survivors and members from all over the world come here. They look for the graves of their comrades, their fathers or their relatives,” he explains further, “and these people speak rarely Italian.”

J. KleinJoseph Klein, who has brought it with diligence and entrepreneurial thinking to affluence at his old age, expounds further: “At no battle in the World War II were as many nations involved as in the battle about Monte Cassino. Virtually no other place is therefore more suitable as an international memorial against the war and to the commemoration of the victims, no metter which nationality or on which side they stood.

J. KleinOur wish is also that at this place people of different nations meet each other, get to know each other and learn to understand each other. Just like I did here, as combatant with my ancient rivals, of whom many have become friends today.” “To remember the dead persons and to hold the memory in people´s mind, to protect following generations against the scare of the war,” Richard Hartinger sums up the sense and purpose of the Monte Cassino Foundation. “And we invite everyone to support us in this task”.